4 Display Worthy Exercise Bikes with Screens in 2018

4 display worthy exercise bikes with screens 2018

Getting healthy and losing weight is as simple as…

We’ve all heard the adage of exercise and diet thousands of times by now. What’s really most important is what works for you.

If you’re here you’re interested in tackling the exercise part head on with an exercise bike. And it will serve to benefit your goals if you choose the right one (for you).

A more specific “flavor” of exercise bikes that you’re interested in are those that feature a display. Again, that’s excellent, because you know exactly what you want and you’re more likely to reach a well defined goal as a result.

So stick around while we break down the absolute best exercise bikes with a screen. Leave hassle by the wayside while we cover high end to budget priced stationary bikes.

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4 HIIT Apps to Enhance Any Cardio Machine

4 HIIt Apps to enhance any cardio machine

Many modern exercise bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, and other types of cardio equipment feature preset workout programs to choose from, allowing for a more personalized experience from one workout to the next.

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Despite this, quite a few cardio machines miss the mark entirely when it comes to including a popular type of workout known as high intensity interval training or HIIT.

Thankfully, with the help of a smartphone, you can remedy this by downloading one of the many useful apps that feature interval based workouts.

HIIT and other workout apps wipe away the limitations of your exercise bike or treadmill, and offer you new ways to explore and nourish your fitness regimen.

Read below to find out more about HIIT workouts and the best HIIT apps to get started with to supplement your cardio equipment’s programs.

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7 Ways to Spice Up Your Exercise Bike Workouts

7 Ways to Spice Up Your Exercise Bike Workouts

The joy of getting a new a new exercise bike, or being able to use one at the gym for the first time, is like all of your fitness hopes and goals condensed into one single moment.

If you’ve bought or are planning to buy a stationary bike, then you’re most likely set on making some sort of tangible progress.

You want to lose weight. You want to burn fat. You want to feel more energized. Or maybe you just want to get into shape.

But above all, you most likely want to feel good by working out on an exercise bike.

And a new bike, while really only a mere collection of various parts and tools in a box, represents all of that. Your mind starts soaring in tandem with the physical feeling of excitement as a result of picturing a brand new you.

But what happens a month or two down the line when you’ve settled into your regular workout routine?

For most, this is when boredom starts to slide into the scene. At this point, giving up would be the worst thing to do due to all of the progress you’ve made, but you can’t help but shake the dreaded doldrums of monotony.

This is the value of being proactive and seeking out ways to make your exercise bike workouts less boring and infinitely more bearable (fun even). Read below for 7 ways to spice up your current clinical relationship with this popular cardio equipment.

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