Getting a Grasp on All Day Anxiety

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Anxiety, like so many other mental health problems, is a persistent and unwieldy psychological trauma. And for those with anxiety flavored disorders such as social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder, the fight is never finished. There are always new obstacles to face and one must always seek to advance their coping strategies. One such obstacle that an individual with this type of disorder might face is anxiety symptoms that last all day.

What does this call for? How is an anxiety sufferer to approach this particular problem? In this article we will get to the bottom of this predicament and suggest different courses of action that have worked for others.

Different Degrees of Intensity

Something that is rather important to acknowledge as far as anxiety symptoms lasting all day is that there are always going to be different degrees of intensity. Anxiety symptoms lie on a spectrum and you aren’t always going to be experiencing them at the same level at different times.

If you have anxiety, especially if it’s a full blown disorder, you can’t expect to fully get rid of or eliminate anxiety symptoms entirely. There will always be stressors and triggers throughout your day. It could be something as simple as a mere memory or projection of the future but the point is that they will always exist.

So in a relative sort of way anxiety that lasts all day can actually be quite normal for someone who struggles with this particular mental health problem. Your treatment, medications or otherwise, should be about minimizing these symptoms to the point where they don’t interfere with the quality of your daily life.

Remember that anxiety symptoms lie on a spectrum ranging from mild to extreme. Coping is about bring them to a level that is manageable.

What shouldn’t be accepted are symptoms that lie on the extreme end of the spectrum. If you are in a constant panic, your mind is racing out of control, you’re shaking uncontrollably, you can’t catch your breathe, and you feel sick to the point of vomiting throughout the entire day, then this is obviously a problem that needs to be corrected.

It is true that total and complete emancipation from anxiety is a dead end pursuit for most people but this doesn’t mean that individuals suffering from anxiety disorders shouldn’t work to bring their symptoms down to a manageable level. This is absolutely attainable through working with a psychiatrist and focused vigilance in the way of constant use of coping techniques.

The natural ebb and flow of anxiety states is also something worth taking into consideration when analyzing the broad strokes of the disorder. Anxiety is rather cyclical in nature and it is normal for a more perverse form of anxiety to come about out of nowhere.

These seemingly unusual bursts of anxiety, sometimes lasting the entire day, usually have some sort of trigger and finding the root cause should always be kept in the pocket of your treatment plan, but it is also possible to experience bad days just someone without anxiety would.

All of us are equals in our experience of off days, a proverbial rain falling to our minds, but there is always something that can be done to soften the anxiety ridden blow.

Managing Anxiety that Lasts All Day

Symptoms that last all day are a matter that cannot be mistaken as they are a convoluted mess that is experienced and felt to heightened degree. Recognizing the all day ordeal isn’t what’s most difficult but rather how to cope and minimize the damage.

Triggers can many times be likened to the unhealthy change in posture that occurs on a slow timeline of progression when sitting at a computer chair day after day at an office job. The end result is always witnessed without fail but it’s hard to engage how it came to be on a conceptual level. And this is why triggers can be so sinister; they are so subtle that backward analysis on its own isn’t enough to identify them.

This is why trigger identification and finding the root causes of your anxiety is so important in standing a fighting chance. With anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder there is always going to be the organic component (brain chemistry) but this hardly calls for discounting the psychological side of things.

Working with a psychiatrist and therapist is always your best bet when it comes to making sense of your individual triggers and root causes of your anxiety. A therapist will allow you to make note of any triggers you have and formulate coping strategies that make the most sense for said triggers.

Everything we do, think, and feel is a result of cause and effect, and anxiety is under this umbrella. The majority of the time your heightened stress response will have a cause or trigger.

If you cannot afford to see a therapist on a regular basis then you need to document or journal your daily moods and actions (you should do this even if you can). If you are feeling anxious at a certain time or all day then write down the exact time that symptoms were felt and anything you may have done preceding the anxiety or anything you may have been thinking about.

Coping techniques in general, those in addition to medication, are also things that need to be incorporated into daily life. Yes, you need to constantly work with your psychiatrist or doctor in order to find the right medication(s) for you by expressing that your symptoms are lasting all day but you also need to work on general treatment strategies so that you can minimize heightened symptoms on your own volition when they do arise.

Read our article about treatment techniques that don’t involve medication for more guidance.

A Combined Effort

Dealing with a seemingly inescapable daily struggle of anxiety can be done but it requires a lot of work on the individuals part. By combining the right medication approach with the assistance of a psychiatrist, daily journaling, alternative coping techniques, and therapy an individual will stand a must better chance of lowering the intensity of all day anxiety than his or her counterparts.

Put in the work and you will start living your life as opposed to constantly being chewed and spit back up by the gluttonous mouth of anxiety in due time.

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