Best Schwinn Exercise Bikes of All Types in 2018

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There are countless brands in the exercise bike market, all vying for consumers’ attention, so it’s not hard to understand why many become overwhelmed by sheer volume of choice. One brand that has stood and continues to stand out from the pack is Schwinn.

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Some of the other popular exercise bike brands on the market include Nautilus, NordicTrack, Exerpeutic, and Marcy.

Schwinn offers a wide variety of stationary bikes, as well as other types of cardio equipment, covering the 4 major types – recumbent, upright, spin, and air bikes.

Below we’ll go over the absolute best Schwinn exercise bikes of each variety.

Budget vs Mid Range

Schwinn tends to carry both a budget and mid range version of all their model lines. For the purpose of this article, we’ll be discussing the best option of each line.

That may be the mid range option more often than not, but we’ll make sure to provide a link to the budget models where applicable for those interested.

Best Upright Schwinn Stationary Bike

schwinn my17 170

Read customer reviews for the Schwinn 170.

Upright exercise bikes are an excellent option for those looking to stay engaged while pedaling, by way of the sitting position called for. And the Schwinn MY17 170 is the best option from from Schwinn for those who are dead set on this particular type of bike.

It offers a great workout experience for both fledgling and experienced individuals who workout due to the 25 levels of resistance and 29 preset programs.
These two attributes drive home a workout experience that is varied and challenging when sought out, while also allowing for smooth, tangible progression from workout to workout.

All of the basic tracking is offered here with stats such as distance, speed, and heart rate at arm’s length with the help of the dual display setup.

Great pick for those that like to stay engaged and focused during workouts.

Your own progress made using the Schwinn’s 170 is made even easier through its goal tracking feature. It’s not something that’s necessary to get in better shape, but it’s definitely a nice touch.

This particular model, as with most quality Schwinn exercise bikes, encompasses what is needed to foster your growth in fitness and health.

And that is, a proverbial ladder to climb through the use of varying difficulty.

Even basic stationary bikes like the Exerpeutic 900XL, while recumbent and only offering 8 levels of resistance, still offers plenty of room to achieve intense workouts, so it’s easy to see how the Schwinn 170, with its 25 levels, isn’t going to fail you in terms of difficulty anytime soon.

Reliably, utility, and variation are all core aspects of exercise bikes that contribute to the fitness and health rewards gained from diligent use. And if you’ve set your eyes on an upright Schwinn bike then the MY17 170 is a safe bet.

Best Recumbent Schwinn Exercise Bike

schwinn 270

Read customer reviews for the Schwinn 270.

Where upright exercise bikes exceed in engaging the core, recumbent bikes rise the proverbial ranks when it comes to a relaxed, comfortable workout. The model that takes the crown of this type of bike is the Schwinn MY17 270.

It offers the exact same levels of resistance and number of preset programs as the Schwinn 170 so it is hardly a slouch in workout potential. But the main draw of this bike is the relaxed, comfortable position it places individuals in.

And the Schwinn 270 hardly disappoints in overall comfort. In fact, it exceeds the comfort of some previous models thanks to a fully cushioned seat.

Great pick for those who value comfort and a more relaxed ride for multitasking, while still retaining the ability to go hard.

The 270 boasts other conventional, and frankly mandatory, features found in modern recumbent bikes such as a screen and an adjustable seat. But it also offers a few cool novel features that, while freshening the experience, are just as readily useful.

One of these features is the Bluetooth sync, which allows for a quick and easy transfer of your workout stats to a downloadable mobile app. The point of this is to gauge fitness progress and set appropriate goals to work towards in the future.

Another of these novel features, while less groundbreaking, is the inclusion of face fans to cool you off during a particularly strenuous workout.

This is the general shine of the Schwinn 270 – it hits all of the marks you’d want it to in terms of functionality and proceeds to add a little extra on top. And thankfully the “cherry on top” features don’t inhibit the main attraction, the bridge between you and your workout, as it sometimes goes with any type of consumer product trying to make a name for itself.

Best Air Resistance Schwinn Bike

schwinn airdyne ad6

Read customer reviews for the Schwinn AD6.

The primary and unique characteristic of air resistance bikes are the engagement of the arms as well as the legs and resistance, or intensity, generated with air.

And Schwinn’s best model on this front is the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Bike although there are a few caveats.

The AD6 Airdyne does exactly what it sets out to do – it provides a full body or specific workout as intense as you desire. If you’re seeking the potential for a highly intense workout then this bike can absolutely provide that for you.

Great pick for those who like the option of having truly intense workouts such as HIIT.

Other than this the comfort level of the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Bike can be a little lacking depending on the individual.

This is a bike that offers a no frills experience while still managing to deliver a great workout, and it’s an excellent choice for those that know they’ll be delving into high intensity workouts. You’re not going to find modern standout features found on Schwinn’s upright and recumbent bikes, but your effort will be equally matched in reward.

Best Schwinn Spin Bike

schwinn ac indoor performance cycle

Read customer reviews for the Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycle.

While upright and recumbent bikes are a sort of parallel to real world biking, spin bikes are more of a raw simulation geared towards high intensity. And they truly do shine when utilized for workouts such as high intensity interval training.

Falling in line with the name spin class, this is the type of exercise bike that is traditionally used. It is that raw simulation and propensity for intensity that makes this type of bike the embodiment of a fitness class.

Schwinn’s exemplary model for this type of bike is the Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycle. Being that this is a spin bike it is quite a bit more expensive than Schwinn’s other models, which is definitely something to consider when deciding between the various Schwinn models listed here.

Great pick for those that want the spin class experience at home.

But if you’ve been looking around for a spin class experience at home offered by Schwinn then this model is the perfect fit.

Pedaling intensity and interval training are paramount to spinning and the AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycle is able to withstand 500 watts of power.

What exactly does this mean?

Simply put, you’ll have absolutely no trouble bringing yourself to your breaking point cardio wise. You don’t have to shell out for a gym membership to get a gym level experience, and the Schwinn AC Performance bike is your at home ticket.

Your Own Pedaling Needs

Each of the Schwinn models mentioned above have their own strengths and weaknesses, as is normal with any consumer product.

The real question is – which model is right for you? Which type of stationary bike best fits your needs?

goal setting

Generally speaking, unless you are specifically seeking characteristics that define air resistance or spin bikes, go with either the Schwinn 270 or Schwinn 170. The 170 is great for those who need a more engaged workout while the 270 is excellent for a relaxed, low impact experience.

The Schwinn 270 can also offer a highly stimulating workout, it’s just that it also excels at allowing you to browse your phone, play games, or read a book while working out.

But if you value the unrelenting intensity offered by spin bikes or the full body experience of an air resistance bike then by all means go with the AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycle or Airdyne AD6.

We cannot reiterate enough how important it is to match your needs with the strengths of any particular model type. You want to get into the habit of working out regularly, especially if new to exercise, and enjoying what you’re doing can make all the difference between giving up and sticking it out.

Accessory to Consider – Mutual Protection

An incredibly useful and affordable accessory to consider alongside the purchase of a new exercise bike is floor mat specifically designed for cardio equipment.

The utility of a product like this is seen in that of floor protection and grip. Micro-movements can easily damage hardwood floor and the constant pressure of a bike can impose indentations on carpet.

A quality floormat can prevent this as well as the micro-movements themselves. The hottest and one of the most affordable options of such a format is the SuperMats Heavy Duty PVC Mat.

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