Sleep is vital to everyone’s health and yet so many of us suffer from poor sleep hygiene. It is the time we use to recover and expand upon our health and well being, both physically and figuratively. Fine tuning your sleep schedule to find the perfect time to go to sleep and wake up can be very difficult but the pay off is great. A few hours difference in your sleep schedule can be the difference between a good mood and feeling off upon waking up. Learn how to better optimize your sleep so that you get the most out of it with the help of Two Parts Health. Read about tips, general information, new research, and more. Start now by browsing the links below.

Put the Phone Down Before You Slumber

  • So many of us own smartphones these days and they prove very useful for everyday tasks (and wasting a bunch of time). But how do they affect our sleep? Are they worth avoiding before bed? Find out in this article.

Can a Messed Circadian Rhythm Cause Depression?

  • Our circadian rhythm is responsible for many things including our mood and energy levels. By screwing around with your circadian rhythm you are playing with fire. You could be feeling worse than you should be if your sleep/wake cycle isn’t where it needs to be.

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