Death of a Family Member During Childhood Associated with Psychotic Illness

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A recent paper published by the British Medical Journal suggests that if one is exposed to the death of a family member during childhood then there is a greater chance that they will suffer from a psychotic illness. Naturally, if one is exposed to death at an early age there are going to be some heavy repercussions on one’s mental state growing up but this finding is quite alarming. The finding is also statistically significant as the sample size for the study was very large with 946,994 children followed.

The scientists found that of this sample size 1323 developed non-affective psychosis (such as that associated with schizophrenia) and 556 developed affective psychosis (psychosis associated with bipolar disorder or unipolar depression). That is only .4% and .17% respectively but the emergence of psychosis is still there. The risk is very small but significant nonetheless.

The children followed during the course of this study were separated according to different parameters and nearly all variables were considered. If you would like to learn more about this study then head over to Science Daily for the full scoop.

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