Weight Lifting

When the topic of exercise and fitness comes up most people immediately jump to cardiovascular forms such as jogging or walking. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with these forms of exercise, they do offer a wide net of health benefits after all, weight training (also referred to as strength or resistance training) often falls to the wayside. This is unfortunate as weight training is many times just what people need when attempting to reach their individual fitness goals.

Lifting offers a wide variety of health benefits just as cardio does and the barrier to entry is quite low. Many great things can be accomplished with just the use of two bare bones dumbbells or even your body People assume that lifting weights leads to a “jacked up” frame, something you see in many bodybuilding magazines, but what these people do not know is that this type of look is only attainable through years of treacherous training and often with the aid of performance enhancing drugs.

Look below for Two Parts Health’s selection of weight lifting oriented articles. Learn more about the exercise and find out why you should be doing it.

Weight Lifting Articles

Avoid Burnout and Make Real Progress

  • When someone is just starting out with strength training, or any form of exercise for that matter, they usually are after immediate results. They want six pack abs and a rock hard body right this second. Learn why taking things easy will actually lead to more progress with your fitness goals and offer you better results in the long run.

j/fit Pro Push Up Bars Review

  • Learn about this popular push up product used to enhance upper body workouts through a greater range of motion. Find out if it’s worth the money as well as the best push up bars/handles alternatives on the market. We dig into the features of the j/fit Pro Bars as well as the overall characteristics and build quality.

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