Ease into Weight Lifting and Avoid Burnout

The fitness world is filled with crazy ideals and thousands of people hammering away attempting to become the elite. Everyone wants to lose 50 pounds right now, build monster biceps right now, look good for the beach right now, and so on and so forth. Instant gratification is not limited to all things fitness but the majority of those newly invested in working out and changing their ways show that this mindset is very prevalent. When talking of a specific sector of fitness, weight lifting, it’s as important as ever to avoid this mindset. Diving into the waters without any experience is sure to lead to burnout.

weight lifting that really works requires a plan and real effort

Build the Foundation – Setting Yourself Up for Real Results

You’ve decided you’re sick of your physique. You want to burn fat. You want to put on lean muscle mass and a lot of it. So, what do you do? You start lifting weights like a mad man every single day without fail. You’re not quite being diligent about what kinds of lifts you’re doing but you are lifting every single day so it’s all good, it’s all gravy. Wrong.

It’s great to want to take control and build yourself an admirable body, amazing in fact. You can’t do this without a plan, some structure, and respect for your body and fitness level. It’s better to start slow with the iron, lift every other day perhaps and on the lighter side at the start, than to go balls to the wall and burnout before you’ve really even started. Gaining lean muscle mass and burning fat is lifestyle, it’s far more akin to a marathon than a sprint.

Instead of plugging away at endless bicep curls or the next fad lifting routine you should start with the basics, the stuff that really works. More importantly, do not start lifting everyday if you are just getting into strength training. This isn’t even a good idea for those who have been out of commission for a while but who have lots of prior lifting experience. You will burn out very fast and you’re body will feel absolutely terrible (your mind state also won’t be so great either).

Weight Lifting for Beginners – Stuff that Works

You now know that lifting every single day as a beginner isn’t going to get you that perfect body. You also know that endless isolation exercises aren’t the way to go from the start and that fad lifting routines are the plague. So what does work? How should one start lifting weights?

Transition into working out in a way that isn’t too hard on your body. Go for something like 3 times per week at the beginning, the first month or so. Once you’ve become acclimated with the wear and tear of resistance training you can step things up but as has been reiterated numerous times in this article do not start lifting every day.

As far as a routine that works, one that it will make you much stronger and help you gain tons of lean muscle mass, focus on something that highlights the big compound lifts. Compound lifts are things like the bench press, squats, deadlifts, bent over rows, military presses, and so on.

A perfect program for beginners or anyone lifting who isn’t seeing any results and that emphasizes compound lifts is StrongLifts 5×5. The idea behind StongLifts is to perform these basic compound exercises in a split fashion, the lifts that actually work, for 5 sets of 5 reps each and add weight at an incremental pace. If you’ve been struggling with structure, haven’t been burning fat, and haven’t been gaining leaning muscle mass and getting stronger then this is the perfect program for you.

Watch a Proven Program in Action – How to Really Burn Fat and Gain Muscle

Ignore all of the hype out there when it comes to lifting weights and shredding pounds. It is hype for a reason and that reason is because it just won’t work for you. You must put in effort in order to make real gains with your fitness goals. Watch the video below to get an idea of what a program that emphasizes compound lifts is all about.

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