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too much sugar

Excess sugar consumption in a person’s diet has recently been found to severely increase the risk of heart disease. How big of a risk exactly? According to the journal of JAMA Internal Medicine, published on February 3, 2014, excess sugar consumption can more than double the risk of death from heart disease. That’s certainly nothing to laugh at. Most people know that eating and drinking too much sugar, whether it be through popular soft drinks such as Pepsi or even sugary cereals, can make one overweight and eventually lead to obesity as well as contribute to the onset of diabetes.

Too much sugar is never a good thing, this much is known by the general public (too much of anything is never good), and yet Americans are some of the biggest consumers of sugary products with our excessively large soft drinks and many other food products that are all too tasty with the help of added sugar. Sometimes it’s not even a person’s fault that he or she consumes too much sugar on a day to day basis as sugar is often added to a plethora of foods of which you would never suspect to contain sugar in the first place. Alas, one must always stay vigilant when it comes to monitoring food intake.

According to this fresh study it doesn’t even matter whether or not you are healthy. It doesn’t matter whether you have a pre-existing condition or if you’re prone to heart disease in the first place. What’s clear is that if you are consuming too much sugar on a day to day basis then you are increasing your risk of death by heart disease even if you are otherwise healthy, not overweight, and do not have to genetic tie to this killer. The more added sugar there is in your diet the greater the risk is.

What to make of all of this? First and foremost, you need to cut back on sugar intake. It’s obvious but it can be tricky to do. As mentioned earlier there are many foods with “hidden” sugar added to them. So the take away is that you must carefully read your food packaging, preferably before you even buy your food. Remember, added sugar is a crap source of carbohydrates in the first place. If you’re going to consume sugar then it would be best to get it from an unprocessed source such as your favorite fruit. Unprocessed sources of carbs are going to be the best sources for you to choose from.

Get a more detailed look at the findings of this study as far as added sugar and it’s role in increasing the risk of death by heart disease by heading on over to WebMD.

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