H1N1 Flu Causes 147 Deaths so Far in California


The primary flu strain this season in California is the H1N1 flu, also known as the swine flu, and it is really taking a toll on residents of the state. So far for the current flu season there are 147 deaths reported. It should also be noted that this number does not include 44 pending deaths that may or may not be flu related. Overall, the number of deaths associated with the H1N1 strain is alarming to say the least.

This is the same strain of the flu that swept the United States in 2009 and it surely isn’t done affecting residents of California for the current flu season. In contrast, the strain responsible for most trouble in California last year was the H3N2 virus. What separates H1N1 from other strains of the flu is how it affects the young and the healthy. Individuals within this demographic are more susceptible to the swine flu because they haven’t been exposed to it earlier in their lives and therefor have built no prior immunity. Furthermore, many times younger individuals go without a vaccination.

While these recent flu related deaths in California are cause for concern one shouldn’t forget that deaths associated with the flu are usually a result of other health related complications. Many times someone will have a certain health condition ┬áthat will weaken their immune system and therefor their ability to deal with the flu. And then there are times when things aren’t so simple and there are other reasons why a health condition complicates the flu and turns it into something much more deadly. The best way to protect yourself from the flu is to get yourself vaccinated. Even if you haven’t already gotten a vaccine it’s still worth getting. The current 2013-2014 flu season may have peaked but it is definitely not over.

via Liberty Voice

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