How to Boost the Effects of Curcumin Supplements

turmeric extract

Curcumin (turmeric extract) is derived from a chemical produced by some plants and is quite popular in supplement form due to its breadth of health benefits. These benefits span the mind as well as the body and include documented uses such as raising antioxidant levels (glutathione for instance), pain reduction, and reducing symptoms of depression just to name a few. If you’ve stumbled upon this article then you’re most likely interested in buying or have already bought a top rated curcumin supplement with the intention of increasing the effectiveness of this natural aid. Read below for a quick and to the point guide of how to boost its effects with ease.

A Quick Guide to Increasing Curcumin’s Effects

The key to increasing the effects of curcumin is dependent on what you ingest alongside the supplement. In other words, taking another supplement with curcumin can increase its effects and in this case you will want to take a black pepper supplement.

Piperine, an alkaloid found in black pepper, is known to increase the effects of various supplements and turmeric extract is one of them. The reason that black pepper and supplements based around the spice can boost its effects is because of an increase in bioavailability. Bioavailability is the amount of a substance that is available to the body and can be actively used to produce an effect and thereby dictates how useful a supplement such is curcumin truly is.

Curcumin ingested on its own has a very low bioavailability meaning that much of it is excreted as waste rather than used. Piperine is known to dramatically increase the bioavailability of turmeric extract and one study showed an increase of 2,000%!

Curcumin on its own has a pretty low bioavailability meaning not much of it can actively be used by the body after consuming it. As a result it’s almost a necessity to take piperine alongside curcumin to increase this attribute.

If you are looking to buy tumeric extract in the hopes of alleviating depression or increasing your antioxidant levels then you want the bioavailability to be as high as possible so that odds are in your favor to see the health benefit through. Increasing the bioavailability of a supplement or medication not only raises the effects but it also ensures that you don’t have to gob down an insane dosage which means you’ll spend less money on curcumin supplements in general.

Two Birds with One Stone

There are two ways to go about making the most of turmeric extract with piperine supplementation; buy each of them separately or get a supplement that combines the two. Naturally, it’s easiest to purchase a supplement that combines curcumin with piperine and there are quite a few products on the market that do just this at an affordable price.

The highest rated product that combines the two is Dr. Danielle’s Organic Curcumin with Bioperine  with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 – read what customers have to say about it if you would like to learn more. This particular option has absolutely no fillers or additives and only offers what matters most, the two active ingredients.

If you’ve already purchased a circumin product then it’s cheaper to simply buy a black pepper extract supplement. A very popular and highly rated option is Source Naturals Bioperine. See what customers have to say to learn more.

One That Actually Works

There are plenty of supplements on the market that do absolutely nothing, proclaiming miraculous health benefits and empty promises, and then there are those that are the real deal. Curcumin is a supplement that you can count on producing a tangible effect and there are numerous studies to back it up.

It isn’t quite as effective for certain uses as it is for others so this is something to keep in mind. Here’s a list of just a few uses validated by scientific studies:

Curcumin works and it works for thousands of people. It may not be a miracle pill but nothing ever is. It does provide various health benefits that help people live a healthier lifestyle and that certainly counts for something.

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