Drug Addiction

Drug addiction has no qualms regarding a person’s age, race, or gender. Addiction lures so many with false promise and hope and savagely rips apart an individuals physical and mental health, many times causing a ripple effect with those closest to them. The various pills, powders, and liquids that users consume in order to achieve a high, always in search of fading euphoria, account for 1 in 4 deaths in the United States of America. This is a deadly matter, a documented and legitimate affliction of the mind, and millions live with the morbid baggage day in a day out.

drug addict

The start of one’s story with drug addiction is often innocent enough. It begins with happiness, love, and comfort, things every human being desires. People often reach for intoxicants when these things can not easily be attained or on the grounds of a simple respite. The majority of people can drink alcohol occasionally, even to the point of being drunk, with no serious consequences. Millions of people can also smoke marijuana occasionally with no disastrous effects. It is when a common pattern of intoxication turns compulsory that a very serious issue arises.

Addiction is more often than not the only way a person knows how to fill their individual void. The only problem with drug abuse is that it is far and away the worst way to tackle the void. It is ignoring the void for what it is and treating it like a trash can, compacting more trash as time goes on. There is now a void as well as a collection of foreign, dirty, rotting trash.

This journey doesn’t have to be a descent into hell over the course of a month, or even a year. Drug addiction can also be a very slow and drawn out culmination of poor personal decisions reinforced by an innate thirst of the brain and hardwired genetics. The most unfortunate part of addiction is that once the ball gets rolling it can be incredibly difficult to put a stop to it all. An addict’s brain will literally prioritize drugs over everything else including food, water, and shelter. Even our backbone of evolution, procreation, is put to the wayside.

This dark turn in one’s life isn’t all morbid and it’s important to remember that. Millions have died due to this mental illness but millions have also gone on to recover and lead healthy and fulfilling lives. If an individual wants to rid their lives of drugs and alcohol they absolutely can with enough effort and support. The road back is long and arduous but it does exist and there are various ways of arriving at this destination such as rehab and detox centers, 12 step programs, SMART recovery, therapy, and even online message boards.

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