Riding Out Anxiety – Better Days to Come

passage of time

Anxiety is ever persistent and always brimming to the surface when it is least welcomed which is what makes it such a royal pain. An individual with a disorder can almost never count on the anxiety response totally going away even if it may fade into the background temporarily. Working on one’s coping strategies and medication approach will lessen the effect during those turbulent times but an anxiety disorder at its core is a cyclical beast.

Remembering this will help you keep your sanity by reaffirming that there will always be better times ahead even if the current trend isn’t so hot. And this is why some of the secret to living with anxiety, really having a long and worthy life, is merely a cognizant shift in one’s perspective.

Medications aren’t a bulletproof solution to anxiety. Read about what you can do to take care of residual anxiety while taking drugs like SSRI’s.

Now You’re Here. Tomorrow You’re Not.

Anyone that has ever had a serious anxiety problem knows that there are certain times when the going gets tough. The anxiety spikes and so do all of those lovely symptoms. Each person has their own set of unsettling symptoms and for each person they’re the worst collective set out there; that’s just relativism.

An individual with an anxiety disorder or problem also knows their anxiety is most likely hit a rough patch countless times during the course of their lives. It’s unfortunate, it really is, but it is also a very realistic outcome for the anxious mind.

amygdala fear center

The amygdala is sometimes referred to as the fear center of the brain and it is one region associated with the emotional response of anxiety. 

People with this particular mental health problem are usually more sensitive than the average person so any sort of substantial trigger is going to result in increased anxiety. It’s both a blessing and a curse as nobody, absolutely nobody, wants to deal with a lot of anxiety but it also means that an individual with this type of issue is more likely to have an excellent grasp of the cause and effect nature of the world around us.

Did you know that 3.1% or nearly 7 million adults in the United States suffers from generalized anxiety disorder? Women also happen to be 2x as likely to suffer from the disorder.

It can allow a person to play out multiple scenarios and decide on which one is “right”. Even though much of anxiety is based on irrational thoughts an individual’s hyper vigilance can help them pick a suitable course of action and prepare for and prevent the worst outcome. Individuals with anxiety tend to be much more aware and can be more intelligent in this way.

High doses of anxiety really do wear someone down but it could also be a part of the reason that an individual excels at what they do.

There is also an upside to the fact that there are going to be rough patches for those with anxiety issues. While today you may be dealing with excessive and intense anxiety symptoms tomorrow you may not. Tomorrow or the day after may be days that you feel symptoms to an extremely mild effect. There may even be a stretch of time when this is the case.

And if you are currently treating your anxiety then you should already have a plan in place to deal with days that blindside you. Whether your individual course of action is a medication change you have discussed with your psychiatrist or a coping technique you’ve found works for you, you know that it has worked in the past to manage symptoms when things get bad.

It’s worked before, so why wouldn’t it work again? It all comes down to the passage of time. If you can ride it out, and you’ve done it thousands of times by now, this too will eventually subside.

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