Why Isn’t L-theanine Working?

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Just Doesn’t Work…

The subtle yet effective amino acid known as l-theanine has been used for thousands of years now, known or otherwise by users, as it is naturally found in green tea and is the main reason why it is calming and stimulating at the same time. Theanine absolutely won’t solve all of your problems in life but it certainly has a few very specific and very prominent beneficial effects that may improve aspects of your life. There are benefits to be had with this amino acid, this much is certain, but you may find yourself disappointed with l-theanine after venturing out to your local Vitamin Shoppe or shopping online via Amazon and purchasing the supplement and taking it for the first time. Why? You may find that that l-theanine simply doesn’t work for you and it doesn’t offer any benefits touted by thousands of users online. 

How to Benefit from L-theanine Supplements

The first possible solution to seeing the benefits of l-theanine is to alter when you take your supplement based on the contents of your stomach. If you’ve been taking your theanine supplement with a lot of food in your stomach, or any food at all, then simply try taking the amino acid with a light or empty stomach. This simply tweak could be the difference between the supplement not working and seeing potent results (benefits such as focus, reduced anxiety, less stress, etc.)

Another simple solution to try is to just take more. L-theanine is benign and offers next to no side effects. The FDA recommends that you take no more than 1200 mg a day but considering that most supplement companies sell theanine in 100 mg and 200 mg doses this shouldn’t be hard for you to abide by. If you are taking say 100 mg then try taking 200 mg. If you normally ingest 200 mg then try 250-300 mg. You never want to go overboard with supplements, even with a supplement as safe as theanine, but this doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with how much you take.

save money with bulk l theanine powder

You can save a lot of money by buying bulk powder instead of capsules or tablets.

There is also a very real possibility that the supplement you’ve purchased is completely bunk and is never going to work for you. Unfortunately, a fix for this problem will require you to shell out some more money for a supplement that actually works. The upside is that theanine products can be very inexpensive depending on where you look and it all depends on where you shop. If you buy a product that will only last you a month or two for $20 or more if you end up taking theanine every or every other day then yes, the cost to benefit ratio may not be worth your while.

In order to pin down the best brands of l-theanine you’ll need to simply evaluate reviews from real users. Naturally, Amazon can be a great source for user reviews but you’ll always want to dig deeper than the reviews plastered on the front page as they’re often glaringly positive and far too emotive. Seek out the negative reviews that point out valid problems with the supplement as well. In order to find reviews from users more critical and in the know about supplements a great source to seek out are forums (Longecity and the nootropics subreddit are two such sources). Use the search function within these two sources in order to find user reports on various l-theanine brands.

Save on L-theanine

As mentioned above most supplements will last you a month or two if you are taking theanine every day. This isn’t too much time if you do plan on using it regularly and would cost you $15-$20 a month in order to do so. If you want to save a lot of money then think about investing in bulk powdered l-theanine instead of capsules or chewable tablets. You can easily find reputable sellers of the bulk powdered version on Amazon.com. All you will need to do is either put the powder in empty capsules yourself or mix it with a drink of your choice. Bulk supplements should come with a scooper that delivers a specific dosage.

This amino acid can offer you real benefits such as relaxation, improved cognition, improved focus, and reduced anxiety.  Does this mean you are guaranteed these benefits? No. Just as with medication not all supplements work for everybody. If you’ve followed the advice above and still are not noticing any benefits then consider moving on. It’s not worth wasting your hard earned money on a supplement that isn’t the right fit for you. There are many other options out there when it comes to theanine’s common benefits.


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