Are Dumbbell Bench Presses Effective?

weight lifting that really works requires a plan and real effort

Dumbbell exercises can supplement most modern lifting programs to great benefit and can even be the sole backbone of a workout to engage many different muscle groups.

Any gym worth its merit is going to have a dumbbell section and dumbbell sets can be acquired from retailers such as Amazon and Walmart at an affordable price.

A popular type of dumbbell lift is the dumbbell bench press and many lifters, novices and intermediates alike, use the vanilla, as well as other variations, in order to increase muscle mass in the chest, shoulders, and triceps regions.

In this article we will discuss whether or not the dumbbell bench press is an effective exercise and how to benefit most from this and other dumbbell lifts.

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Are Dumbbells Enough for Bigger Biceps?

dumbbells on rack

Most people in the lifting game are in it to increase muscle mass and “get big”. There’s no denying that many of the men and women lifting on a regular basis are also looking to increase raw strength but aesthetic gains are often the real carrot on the stick. Who doesn’t want to look great naked?

The path to more lean muscle is made of regular lifting, either by the use of free weights or machines, and careful dieting ensuring the right caloric and macro (protein etc.) intake. In this article we will be taking a look at the pursuit of bigger biceps in particular and whether or not only lifting dumbbells is enough to make this goal a reality.

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Riding Out Anxiety – Better Days to Come

passage of time

Anxiety is ever persistent and always brimming to the surface when it is least welcomed which is what makes it such a royal pain. An individual with a disorder can almost never count on the anxiety response totally going away even if it may fade into the background temporarily. Working on one’s coping strategies and medication approach will lessen the effect during those turbulent times but an anxiety disorder at its core is a cyclical beast.

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