Why Dieting Doesn’t Usually Work – TED Talk

Sandra Aamodt - why dieting doesn't usually work

Sandra Aamodt, a neuroscientist, presented her somewhat radical views related to dieting during a recent TED Talk. The TED Talk, “Why Dieting Doesn’t Usually Work”, covers why so many fail at conventional dieting techniques. One of her key talking points is that our brain has its own set point, a weight which it believes to be our healthiest weight regardless of our current access to food, that is incredibly difficult to override. She is an advocate of mindful eating (listening to your body) as opposed to popular dieting methods. While her views towards societies projection on young girls and their need to be slim through unhealthy dieting methods as a result is spot on you don’t necessarily have to take what she says as gospel in order to lose some weight through healthier eating. The take away here should be to avoid fad diets and make healthy eating decisions. See what you think about her views by checking out the video below.

Why Dieting Doesn’t Usually Work

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